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Sharing Netflix Password Would Not Work Anymore | Latest Rules 2023

Netflix, the streaming giant that once embraced sharing Netflix Password by tweeting “Love is sharing a password,” has now shifted its approach in the United States and in India also. Seeking to boost revenue in this competitive streaming market, Netflix has begun crushing down on password sharing. Previously, the company stated that over 100 million subscribers worldwide accessed their service through sharing Netflix password. In April 2022, Netflix experienced a decline in subscribers for the first time in more than a decade. However, they managed to recover by introducing a lower-cost, ad-supported tier, gaining 7.66 million new subscribers in the final quarter of 2022 and 1.75 million net new subscribers in the first quarter of 2023.

Sharing Netflix Password

Sharing Netflix Password? See The New Rules

Netflix has started implementing a new password protocol globally, and recently, they began notifying customers in the United States who are sharing their accounts with persons outside their household. The company’s new policy marks that a Netflix account should only be used by the account holder and the people living in the same household. This crushing on sharing Netflix password means that users will no longer be able to share their account credentials with friends, family members residing abroad or at distance, or individuals not residing at the same address.

Users Attention on Sharing Netflix Password

For users, this means that they need to ensure their account is accessed only by authorized individuals within their household. If they have shared their login information with others outside their home, those users may no longer be able to log in without facing potential restrictions or account suspension. To continue enjoying their Netflix subscription without any issues, users should be mindful of adhering to the new policy and keep their account access limited to their household members.

Sharing Netflix Password Would not work anymore

Policy Enforcement

Netflix plans to enforce its new password-sharing policy by using various methods to determine if users are part of the same “Netflix Household” (i.e., residing at the same location). Here’s how the enforcement will work:

  1. Identification through Internet Connection: Users who share the same internet connection (IP address) will be considered part of the same household and will have access to the account. This means that users must be connected to the same network to share an account.
  2. Device IDs: Netflix will also use device IDs to identify if a device belongs to the same household. Devices registered under the same account and used within the same household will be allowed access.
  3. Account Activity: Netflix will monitor account activity to identify any suspicious logins or patterns that may indicate password sharing outside of the designated household.

For users who attempt to log in from outside the household, they will receive notifications within the Netflix product flow. These notifications will prompt them to either transfer their profile to a new account using Profile Transfer or be added as an extra member to an existing account at an additional cost.

How to Comply With The New Policy

To comply with the new policy and maintain access, users have the option to add extra members to their account by paying an additional fee. The Standard plan allows one extra member, while the Premium plan allows two extra members. Each extra member will have their own profile, account, and password, but the primary account holder will cover the additional cost.


Netflix assures customers that they can still access their accounts while traveling or using personal devices. However, specific details regarding how long a device can remain logged in from another location have not been disclosed.

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Additionally, users who were previously sharing a subscription but decide to create their own account can transfer their old profiles to the new account. Netflix offers different subscription tiers, including a “Standard with ads” plan and a Basic plan, in addition to the Standard and Premium options. Each tier comes with varying features and price points.