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Best Free Website Builders with Drag & Drop Editors & Source Code Access

Building a professional looking website used to require hiring a developer or learning complex coding. Thankfully free website builders now enable anyone to create sites through intuitive drag & drop interfaces.

Many also allow downloading the source code for full customization ability. You get the ease of use from builders with the flexibility of coding your own site.

In this comprehensive comparison guide, we evaluate the top 10 free website builders offering drag & drop editors and source code access:

  1. Wix
  2. WordPress
  3. Webflow
  4. Duda
  5. Squarespace
  6. Carrd
  7. Strikingly
  8. IM Creator
  9. Simvoly
  10. Voog

We assess their key features like templates, ecommerce, forms, SEO, themes, exporting, and publishing. Let’s dive in to find the best free website builder for your needs!

1. Wix Website Builder


Wix tops our list with a user-friendly editor, great templates, and seamless hosting. Downloading code requires the paid “Combo” plan however.

Key Features

  • 500+ designer templates
  • Drag and drop widgets
  • Built-in image & video galleries
  • Ecommerce capabilities
  • Form builder & emails
  • Blog/forum engine
  • 70+ site languages

Using Wix Editor

The Wix interface focuses on visual customization via dragging elements onto a canvas. You can freely move sections like text, images, social links and more.

Dynamic content like blogs, stores, and forums integrate through dedicated widgets alongside regular pages.

There is no need to access backend code with this approach unless pursuing advanced custom functionality.

Downloading Wix Source Code

To download the underlying HTML and CSS code, you’ll need a paid “Combo” subscription plan. This unlocks site export to utilize the code elsewhere.

This represents one limitation over fully code-centric builders. But for simpler sites not requiring code tweaks, their editor and hosting provide immense value free of charge.

Visit Wix Website Builder

2. WordPress Site Builder

The widely popular WordPress empowers both editing UI and code export availability for free. Their open source model means no restrictions or premium plans necessary for core features.

WordPress logotype alternative

Key Features

  • Thousands of themes & templates
  • Custom post types & fields
  • Built-in SEO settings
  • Extend functionality with plugins
  • Active development community
  • Export WordPress XML data

Using WordPress Editor

The WordPress backend allows managing content across pages and posts through its “Dashboard” UI. Create new entries by selecting types and entering fields.

Drag-drop requires installing the optional Gutenberg editor plugin. This lets you customize layouts through moving blocks for images, text, embeds etc.

WordPress balances both usability for content publishing and developer flexibility – including full data exports.

Downloading WordPress Source Code

WordPress utilized PHP code and MySQL databases to store all site data, accessible via the admin or SFTP. This means you can fully backup and transfer WordPress installations between hosts with no restrictions.

The WordPress XML export functionality creates a file containing your posts/pages/settings to import elsewhere. Alternately you can directly access hosting files.

This combination empowers site owners at any technical level.

3. Webflow Website Maker

Webflow logo 2023

While not open source, Webflow nonetheless enables designers through visual editors plus custom code capability wherever necessary.

Key Features

  • Animation tools for interactive elements
  • CMS for dynamic blog/news content
  • Host & deploy sites for free
  • Export HTML & CSS sites
  • Integrates with headless CMSs

Using Webflow Editor

Webflow utilizes a powerful visual editor for defining responsive site layouts across elements like text, images, sliders, and navigation. Develop complex animations through their timeline and properties panels.

Content creators will appreciate the integrated CMS for managing blog posts/news articles, dynamic galleries, and forms.

Design sites exactly how you imagine without coding – then tweak further through Webflow’s custom code tools.

Downloading Webflow Source Code

Webflow allows exporting complete site packages containing the HTML, CSS, JS and images comprising your pages. This empowers using on external hosting or integrating with backend platforms.

For even deeper control, their custom code components let you write HTML/CSS/JS that interacts with other visual elements. Extend site functionality any way you desire!

Visit Webflow Website Builder

4. Duda Online Website Builder

Duda excels for businesses through beautiful templates, ecommerce storefronts, and customer management platform integrations.

duda logo 8D5BD762CA

Key Features

  • 70+ industry-specific templates
  • Built-in ecommerce capabilities
  • Email marketing integrations
  • Custom code widgets
  • Form builder with submissions tracking
  • Site analytics and SEO

Using Duda Site Editor

Duda enables building responsive sites for any business quickly through well-crafted templates and intuitive editor. Select elements like text, buttons, images and shape divs to craft professional designs.

Easily add ecommerce stores, booking systems, email collection forms, and backend platform integrations like MailChimp and Microsoft 365.

For developers, custom widgets allow injecting unique HTML/CSS/JS. Extend functionality without learning proprietary systems.

Downloading Duda Source Code

Duda allows downloading full website HTML/CSS source code through their export tool. This empowers migration to other platforms or integrating new backend systems not offered in their marketplace.

Utilize Duda’s visual editor for quick construction combined with custom code freedom.

Visit Duda Website Builder

5. Squarespace Website Creator

Squarespace balances powerful page building tools with integrated commerce and marketing features through their all-in-one platform.

Key Features

  • 100+ modern templates
  • Built-in ecommerce capabilities with Stripe
  • Email campaigns and donor tools
  • 24/7 award-winning support
  • Custom code blocks
squarespace logo horizontal black

Using Squarespace Page Builder

The Squarespace editor focuses around section blocks spanning custom layouts, text, galleries, buttons, and more. Craft beautiful pages by dragging blocks from their catalog onto the canvas.

Further customize blocks through available settings panels allowing colors, fonts, spacing and other properties per element.

Don’t require coding knowledge thanks to their fully integrated suite – then leverage custom CSS/JS for added flexibility.

Downloading Squarespace Source Code

Squarespace allows exporting complete HTML and CSS source code for sites you create through their platform.

This grants backup ability or transitioning to an external host separate from Squarespace’s required hosting.

Get started quickly in their editor then freely access site code for advanced scenarios.

Visit Squarespace Website Builder

6. Carrd Personal Website Creation


Carrd offers a uniquely streamlined approach optimized for single page sites like portfolios and landing pages. Distill your brand messaging with their minimalist editor.

Key Features

  • Single page websites
  • Simple & distraction-free editing
  • Great for freelancers, creators, small businesses
  • Custom CSS overrides
  • Download website as HTML & CSS

Using Carrd Site Builder

Carrd enables crafting one page sites through their browser-based editor focused around your brand, offerings, imagery and value propositions. Their signature format strips away unnecessary widgets concentrating functionality into a single flowing narrative.

Simply write compelling content, integrate media assets, and publish beautiful pages that drive conversions. Don’t get distracted by traditional heavy CMS tools. Carrd makes staying focused on your goals effortless.

Downloading Carrd Page Source Code

Download Carrd sites through their bundled ZIP export containing index.html, CSS and image assets ready for hosting with any provider.

For deeper control of elements like colors or fonts, customize Carrd sites via custom CSS overrides without needing to touch HTML or downloads.

Visit Carrd Website Builder

7. Strikingly Online Site Designer


Strikingly provides a one stop shop for launching responsive sites, blogs and stores through integrated hosting and single page simplicity.

Key Features

  • Free tier includes single page sites
  • Template library with 100+ designs
  • Photo galleries, social feeds and contact forms
  • Integrated free hosting
  • Strikingly to WordPress migration

Using Strikingly Editor

The Strikingly editor enhances branding your offerings through their templates accommodating introductions, portfolios, pricing tables, calls-to-action and more.

Easily incorporate contact forms, image galleries, blogs, maps and social media streams. No design skills needed to craft an elegant homepage.

Downloading Strikingly Source Code

Strikingly allows new sites to connect an external domain then provides theme files for download. This grants utilizing their infrastructure while pointing visitors elsewhere – helpful for WordPress migrations.

Alternately upgrade for multi-page access and full source code exports. Perfect for small sites getting started without advanced needs.

Visit Strikingly Website Builder

8. IM Creator Site Building Tool

IM Creator Logo

IM Creator focuses around intuitive site creation leveraging well designed blocks requires and premade configurable templates. Export your unique designs when ready to leave their ecosystem.

Key Features

  • Arranging premade content blocks
  • Library of multi-page premade templates
  • Built-in image galleries and slideshows
  • Contact and newsletter forms
  • Advertising and analytics integrations
  • Download website HTML & CSS

Using IM Creator Editor

The IM Creator editor empowers visually arranging content blocks spanning text, images, buttons, dividers and more. Take advantage of their pre-designed templates handling multi-page sites like businesses, portfolios and blogs.

Reorder or customize blocks through their settings panel adjusting colors, fonts and sizes. Craft professional sites without touching code.

Downloading IM Creator Source Code

IM Creator allows downloading complete HTML and CSS code for your site to utilize on external hosting or for migration purposes.

Gain the speed of premade content combined with full access to assets when needed.

Visit IM Creator Website Builder

9. Simvoly Website Builder


Simvoly blends easy template based site development with integrated hosting and availability of custom scripts for advanced configurations minus traditional coding.

Key Features

  • Browse collection of templates
  • Photo galleries, guestbooks and contact forms
  • Built-in multi-lingual support
  • Custom scripting language
  • SEO tools for optimizing Google rankings

Using Simvoly Site Editor

The Simvoly site builder enables creating pages through their template interfaces, handling layouts, text, menus and media inclusion across unique designs.

For dynamic features beyond base templates like guest comments, leverage their built-in scripting language akin to WordPress shortcodes. Don’t worry about HTML or CSS.

Downloading Simvoly Source Code

Simvoly provides shop owners complete control of assets through template file and media package downloads.

While custom scripting covers many advanced uses, full HTML and CSS access ensures flexibility migrating or operating without their ecosystem long term. Balance coding-free convenience with escape hatches.

10. Voog Online Website Creator

Voog focuses around intuitive UI, multi-language sites, built in hosting and developer extensibility when needing to expand capabilities.

Key Features

  • 100+ templates for blogs, stores etc
  • Multi-language site support
  • Built-in hosting and custom domains
  • Developer API and web hooks

Using Voog Page Editor

The Voog editor streamlines building sites through easy to use templates containing customizable areas for highlighting messaging, offerings and visuals.

Simply drag page elements like text blocks, images and menus onto your canvas then tweak to match your brand. Publish quickly without engineering resources.

Downloading Voog Source Code

Voog allows developers to leverage their entire platform via custom apps, while site owners can export all site data through their backups tool.

This balances turnkey setup with custom integration potential down the road outside their ecosystem.

Visit Voog Website Builder

Key Takeaways

  • Many free website builders like Wix offer beautiful templates and intuitive drag & drop interfaces to hide coding complexity.
  • Others like WordPress enable modifying underlying code for advanced customization by downloading themes or entire site packages.
  • Consider your budget, target technical level, design needs and functionality requirements when choosing platforms.
  • Leverage visual site building techniques first, then expand possibilities through custom developer options where required.